Unicorn LMS Release Note 8.1

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Unicorn LMS 8.1 sees us add further enhancements to our Forms and Workflows functionality, even more control over your site settings and ongoing improvements to our online authoring tool, eCreator.

Further Improvements to Forms & Workflows

The next instalment in support of the Certification Regime is to enable a user's CPD status to be pulled in to Forms. We have introduced a new Field Layout tool when designing the layout of your Form Template.

Displaying CPD Status in Forms

When creating Form Templates, you can now automatically pull in a user's CPD totals using the new CPD Status field. The CPD total displays a visual representation, aligning with the My Staff dashboard.

The new CPD Status field allows the user's CPD information to be pulled into forms

How does it work?

Whilst in the Layout tab of a Form Template, drag the CPD Status Field into the body of the Form Template. Click into the Field to choose whether the CPD data displayed is the current period or the last completed period.

When the Form is assigned to a user, the Field automatically populates a visual representation of the user's CPD progress, showing the amount completed out of the total requirement. Displayed next to the graphic is the scheme name, overall status and how much of the CPD is Structured or towards other CPD requirements.

How do I get it?

This functionality is be available to Super Administrators when creating and editing Form Templates. Released in 8.1.14.

Field Layout for Forms and Workflows

We have introduced a new tool to Forms called Field Layout. Once added to your Form Template, you are able to drag further Fields into each cell of the table, such as selection using a list and read-only text. This enables you to position fields side by side, making better use of the space on the Form page.

The new 'Field Layout' form field allows you to insert fields into the cells of the table

How does it work?

When designing a Form Template in the Layout tab, drag the new Field Layout tool by dragging it from the Tools Palette into the body of the Form Template. Add and remove columns and rows using the + and - buttons within the editor. Using the Tools Palette, drag other Field types into the cells to build the table data as required. Click into each cell to define the content of the Field.

How do I get it?

This functionality is available to Super Administrators when creating and editing Form Templates. Released in 8.1.17.

Site Settings

In this release we are empowering Super Administrators to group Personal Custom Fields so they appear as different tabs in the User Profile; manage the filters which are displayed in My Team Activity and switch on Self-Service Registration.

Grouping of Personal Custom Fields in the User Profile

We have introduced the option to group Personal Custom Fields to appear as separate tabs within the user's profile.

Active and archived fields are now separated in to different views, meaning the page is no longer overcrowded with inactive data.

Furthermore, you can apply permissions to the groups to ensure only the correct people can see or edit fields in the user profiles.

Personal Custom Fields can now be grouped and appear as separate tabs within the user's profile

How does it work?

When creating Personal Custom Fields in Site Settings click on the the new 'Create Group' button to create a new tab for your fields and enter a name for the group and select the green tick to accept the name. Clicking on the group name header again allows you to edit the permissions for the group. Here you can allow or deny permissions for User Groups and/or individual users.

Once you've created and named the group, you can click on the plus sign in the middle of the empty page to start creating new fields, selecting the field type from the drop-down menu. Edit the fields in the same way as you did previously. You can move fields between groups by using the arrow next to the bin icon for each field.

Using the bin icon archives the field. Switch between the Active and Archived views using the drop-down menu in the top right of the page. Clicking on the circular arrow icon restores the field back to it's previous position.

The new groups containing fields are displayed in the user's Profile for Administrators to see and edit when viewing via Organisation & Users. The permissions control whether the user or manager can view or edit the field when viewing the user's profile.

How do I get it?

This functionality is available to Super Administrators when creating Personal Custom Fields. Released in 8.1.22

Managing Filters on My Team Activity

We have enabled Super Administrators to manage which filters are displayed when searching the dashboard and the order in which they appear on the screen. You'll also notice we've removed the scrolling and replaced it with an expanding view if there are more filters than fit on the header space.

You can now select and rearrange the fields for the My Team Activity dashboard from within Site Settings

How does it work?

When viewing My Team Activity, click on the small arrow below the visible filters to expand the list of filters.

Super Administrators can manage which filters are available on My Team Activity page within Site Settings. Once you've navigated to Site Settings, click on the My Team Activity card. From here, you can drag and drop the fields between the two boxes to determine whether or not they are visible. To reorder the filters, simply drag and drop them again in to the preferred order.

How do I get it?

Line Managers and Administrators already have access to view My Team Activity. This ability to manage the filters in Site Settings is available to Super Administrators. Released in 8.1.23

Enabling users to create new accounts

The next feature to become self service is the ability to enable User or Organisation self registration.

Super Administrators can now define the preferred preferences for LMS registrations

How does it work?

Enable the feature in Site Settings. Once enabled, you can choose how users can register, whether as an individual user, an Administrator in a new organisation, or both. You can also allow self registration from an external application, like minds-i or Learning Path. Once you have chosen how users can self register, you have the ability to restrict which email domains can create accounts.

How do I get it?

This feature is available for Super Administrators. Released in 8.1.20

Content Management Developments

We have made a number of improvements to our eCreator templates and we have expanded the copy pathway functionality.

eCreator Enhancements

An exciting improvement we are making to eCreator is to introduce the editing flexibility across all our preset eCreator templates. This means that, whilst you can still use the templates as they have been built, you now have the ability to further customise them. The Images Click and Show and Text Image templates are the first to have this functionality added.

In addition to this, we have added in the following features to all templates:

  • Image resizing to fit or fill a frame
  • Ability to change the transparency of images
  • Ability to add Alt Text for images
  • Text alignment in panels
  • Ability to snap panels into position to help with lining items up
  • Images now show in print preview
  • Course Creators can download to PDF even if printing is disabled

The ability to snap objects into position is one of the many new features for eCreator

How does it work?

Image resizing to fit or fill a frame: When adding an image using the Fit Frame option, the whole image will fit within the image panel without cropping. Adding an image using the Fill Frame option increases the size of the image within the image panel to fill it on all sides without any white space showing.

Ability to change the transparency of images: You can do this using the new opacity slider in exactly the same way as changing the transparency of background images.

Ability to add Alt Text for images: This means you can add a description for each image, improving the experience for individuals completing eCreator courses using a screen reader.

Text alignment in panels: This is available in the text formatting options when editing text in panels.

You can snap panels into position to help with lining items up: This uses the Ctrl and Shift keys on your keyboard to toggle on and off the snap to feature to line up items with each other.

Course Creators can download to PDF even if printing is disabled: This option is available from the Common Tasks tab in the Administration area of your eCreator course.

How do I get it?

This functionality is available to Content Creators and Administrators when working with eCreator. Released in 8.1

Deep Copying for Child Pathways

You can now choose to copy the first level of child pathways within the hierarchy or to copy all child pathways at all levels if you wish to edit the structure or settings of pathways when copying a pathway which contains child pathways. If you do not wish to change the structure or settings, you can link to existing pathways.

Additionally, at the time of copying a pathway, you can specify the desired suffix to be added to the end of the name for all copied pathways.

Copying Pathways now include the ability to copy first or all levels of child pathways

How does it work?

Copy a pathway from the Details tab of the pathway in Content Manager. From the list of options, you can choose to copy the first level of child pathways only, copy all levels of child pathways, or you can just link to the existing child pathways (and not create a duplicate of the child pathways).

How do I get it?

This functionality is available to Content Creators, Administrators and Super Administrators when copying pathways in Content Manager. Released in 8.1.12.

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