Unicorn LMS Release Notes 7.10

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Unicorn LMS 7.10 includes improvements and enhancements to the Form Template Editor, Online Invoicing, eCreator and Administrator tasks.

Improved Form Template Editor

The Form Template Editor has been significantly improved with a new user interface design. The new simple interface makes it easier to add and choose from the available sections and fields when designing your template.

This is the first release of further improvements to form templates coming up in the next few releases.

Adding a new section to a form template

How does it work?
When editing your form template, you will be able to move between the different design elements of the template using the horizontal tabs.

New sections can be added to your template within the Layout tab by simply clicking on the + Add Section button and will be displayed in the same way the end user will experience when completing the form activity.

Adding a 'Text Input' field item to a form template

New fields can be added to sections using the new tools palette to the right hand side of the editor.

Simply clicking on the field within the page will enable you to edit it and change the field behaviour settings.

How do I get it?
The new Form Template Editor will be available to all Super Administrators within the Form Templates area. Released in 7.10.34

Online Invoicing

We have added online invoices for eCommerce sales. This enables people who make payments to download a PDF invoice automatically and for administrators to brand and customise the invoice. It provides improved financial transaction management, including searching and filtering of transactions for administrators. It also displays a payment history for people making payments.

View payment transactions by Organisation Unit and filter for specific information such as person and invoice/credit number.

How does it work?
Super Administrators can view payments and manage settings, including uploading the Organisation's logo, within the Finance area.

Administrators can also view payment history for an Organisation Unit within the Organisation Unit area. Select the Organisation Unit then click on the Invoicing tab. Here you can filter by Invoice status or date. You can also search for a specific invoice by person, organisation unit code, mandate reference or invoice/credit number.

Users can view their payment history within their profile.

How do I get it?
Online invoicing is available for all customers with eCommerce enabled on their LMS. Released in 7.10.29.

eCreator editor enhancements

We’ve added the ability to move objects within the eCreator editor with greater precision. You can now move objects in small 1-pixel increments, which gives you greater control over their position. This is in addition to the existing behaviour of snapping to a 5-pixel grid when lining up multiple objects.

New eCreator feature allows you to configure the text link colours to match your course theme design

In addition, Content Creators and Administrators can change the colour of text links within your eCreator course in line with your theme colours. This means text links will stand out more distinctly against the background colour.

How does it work?
When editing a page in the eCreator editor, select the object you wish to reposition then hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while using your arrow cursor keys to move the object in the corresponding direction.

To add a text link when editing a page in the eCreator editor, select the word or phrase you wish to add a link to then click on the link icon which appears next to the selection. Choose the appropriate destination for your link (Pop-up, Page, External URL or Document). Once you've added the link you can change the colour by selecting the word(s) again then clicking the Link Colour icon and choosing your preferred colour from the colour palette displayed.

How do I get it?
This is available to all Administrators and Content Creators as a standard feature of the eCreator editor. Released in 7.10.

Administrator Cancel and Set Due Date from user profiles

Administrators can now set due dates and cancel activities from a User's profile when accessed from Organisation & Users.

Administrators can now cancel registrations and amend due dates from within the user's profile

How does it work?
While viewing a user's profile, click on the My Activities tab. Select the activities you wish to cancel or amend the due date for then click on the Actions drop-down. Choose Cancel Registration to remove the activity from the user's training plan. To amend the due date choose Set Due Date, select a new date then Save Changes.

How do I get it?
This is standard functionality available to all Administrators. Released in 7.10.

When will I get 7.10?
All customers are being upgraded to 7.10 automatically within the next 2 weeks. Super Administrators can see the current LMS version in Settings.

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