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Unicorn LMS 7.9 includes further enhancements to the Responsibilities Map Organisation Charts, Certificates, Wistia video support and Activity cover image.

Organisation Structure Chart Enhancements for Responsibilities Map

It is now possible for Responsibilities Map Administrators to amend the organisation structure for each legal entity by adding dotted lines, line managers and additional items to the Map.

How does it work?
The Responsibilities Map is enabled in the Site Settings ‘Available’ features section. When enabled, you can edit and assign people to the various functions and responsibilities in the Responsibilities Map. Once people have been assigned within your map you can edit the ‘Structure’ and hierarchy of people within it.

Whilst in edit mode navigate to the Structure tab to begin editing the hierarchy of your map. You will be able to add or remove a dotted line manager in the map and have the option to assign a Line Manager. To access these options, click on the contextual menu (three dots) located in the top right corner of a card.

Adding a dotted line manager

To add a dotted line manager, select the 'Add Dotted Manager' option from within the contextual menu and then select an alternative card which you would like the allocation to be set against. When you have selected your person for allocation a new dotted line will be displayed linking the two people together within the map. The dotted line can be moved within the canvas by simply selecting and dragging the dotted line. To reset the dotted line position, click ‘X’ to place the dotted line back to its original position.

Allocate a Line Manager to an entity

To assign a Line Manager to a person, select a person and select the option 'Set Line Manager' from within the contextual menu then click on the person you wish to assign as Line Manager to the person you originally selected.

Adding a 'Custom Card' to the hierarchy structure

You can also add additional items to the structure and show who people report into - for example to show who the Certified Functions report to. You can also edit the layout of the map including introducing background items to logically group people together.

How do I get it?
Structure charts are a standard feature as part of the Responsibilities Map tool and is available to all Super Administrators. Released in 7.9.0.

Certificate Enhancements

We have extended support and added new features for certificates. Certificates can now be awarded for Form activities. We have also added a new certificate type which allows you to format your certificate in a letter design format. In addition, you can now set how long a certificate may be valid for when awarding a certificate to a learner. The custom certificate message includes the ability to use custom fields and there is a new text editor for formatting and styling. These features are the first of a number of enhancements to help support the Certification Regime but apply equally to all scenarios requiring the expiry of a certificate such as when using using activities for competence validation.

How does it work?
To activate a certificate for a form activity (or any other activity type), navigate to Content Manager and go to the activity details of your selected activity. Within the activity Common Tasks view you will see a ‘Certificates’ tab displayed within the sidebar menu.

Enabling the certificate and using the 'Certificate Style' option

Click on the ‘Certificates’ tab to view the configuration options. Turn on the certificate feature for the activity by using the toggle switch within the page. Select the ‘Certificate Style’ option to choose if you would like your certificate to be displayed as a ‘Graphical’ design or ‘Letter’ design format.

Adding an 'Expiry Date' to the certificate

You can define how long the certificate will be valid for by using the ‘Certificate Expiry’ option. Choose if you would like the expiry date to be defined by a duration of time from when the certificate will be awarded to the learner (by months or years), or choose your own specific date. If required, you can also select the ‘Does not expire’ option.

The Certificate message can be entered using a full text editor which also includes tools for formatting and styling your custom message. In addition to this you can add custom fields into your certificate message. Custom fields allow you to display activity/learner related information such as the learners ‘First Name’ and the certificate ‘Expiry Date’. You can also report on the Certificate Expiry date using the Activity Registrations data source.

How do I get it?
This is available to all Administrators and Content Creators who have access to Content Manager. Released in 7.9.0.

Wistia Upload

We now support direct uploading to your Wistia account from within the LMS. This means that Wistia will host the video and stream it appropriately according to the end user's bandwidth - particularly useful when accessing video on mobile devices.

Wistia upload is available when creating a Video/Audio activity

How does it work?
Go to the Content Manager and navigate to the Create tab. Click the Video/Audio tile. When available, you will see a new third option called Wistia. After you select this option, on the next step you will be able to drag and drop your video or click to upload it from your computer. A bar will show progress whilst uploading and you will be able to preview the video before saving the activity. Once saved the video will begin its multiple encoding on the Wistia platform for the different bandwidths it supports. You can publish to the Find Leaning Library and tag to different categories whilst it is being encoded. Encoding takes a couple of minutes usually and a message is displayed in the details tab whilst it is in progress. Once encoded, any learner that is registered will be able to access the video from their My Activities or within a pathway like any other activity. The key difference is the learner will be served a video format suitable for their bandwidth.

How do I get it?
You need to have an existing Wistia account. Your API key and Project ID to upload to must be provided to your Customer Success Manager who will facilitate the one time setup for you. Once enabled, Administrators and Content Creators can upload videos through the Content Manager.

Activity Cover Image

All types of activity now display their activity type icon in the Common tasks tab of an activity. This is to help identify what type of activity it is when managing it. You can also change this icon for a different image if you prefer. In future these images will be displayed on the details pages within Find Learning and this is the first release towards that functionality.

Activity icon is available in the 'Common Tasks' view of an activity

How does it work?
When viewing an activity in Content Manager the activity type icon displays in the top right of the Common Tasks tab. To replace the image click the icon and select a new file from you computer. Maximum recommended size 400 x 400 (pixels).

How do I get it?
The icon is displayed to anyone accessing the Common Tasks of an activity. Administrators and Content Creators are able to change the icon to another image if required.

When will I get 7.9?
All customers are being upgraded to 7.9 automatically within the next 4 weeks. Super Administrators can see the current LMS version in Settings.

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