Unicorn LMS Release Notes 8.7

Release Note 8.7

Unicorn LMS 8.7 includes the new Certification Regime wizard to support you with assessing fitness and propriety in your organisation. In addition to this, we have also added the ability to create your own System Roles and record associated relationships. We've continued to enhance our eCreator tool with a number of exciting new features and have introduced reporting of users not registered on specified activities.

Corresponding videos will be added to Unicorn Help over the coming weeks.

We have indicated which version number each feature will be released in. To check which version your LMS is currently operating on, please refer to this Help Guide.

Certification Regime Wizard

The wizard brings together all the Certification Regime functionality into one handy tool, guiding you through each step ensuring you've incorporated all relevant information for your Fit and Proper Tests.

The Certification Regime wizard allows you to quickly create a Fit and Proper Test and set up all relevant features to support your Fit and Proper Tests.

How does it work?

Super Administrators can access the Certification Regime wizard in Site Settings. This will be in Available Features the first time you access it and Manage Features once enabled.

A simple wizard takes you through 4 short steps where you can:

  • Name your Form - this will be the name of your Form Template and Form Activity in Content Manager
  • Decide if you would like to create Certified Functions Person Category Groups or use existing Person Categories already created
  • Create any Mandatory Training Categories ready for you to tag your training to, or use an existing Category if you've already created one
  • Decide if you would like CPD to be included in the Form.

Once you have been through the wizard, it will create your Fit and Proper Test Form Template and Activity in Content Manager, incorporating any of the features you selected through each step of the wizard. In addition to this a Certificate is created and attached to your Form, My Actions is enabled to help users locate Forms which require attention and a Fit and Proper Validation Status Report is created to monitor the validation status of your users being assessed as Fit and Proper.

You can return to the wizard in Site Settings at any point to see a summary of what has been created, and access links to your Form, Form Template and Report.

From the summary screen of the wizard, a link will take you straight to your Form in Content Manager. From here you can view and, if necessary, customise your Certificate. You will also have a link to your Fit and Proper Form Template if you want to view, or make any changes to this.

Who can use it?

The Certification Regime Wizard can be enabled and used by Super Administrators in Site Settings. Released in 8.7.30.

System Roles, Additional Reporting Lines and Relationships

We have added the ability for Super Administrators to create new System Roles in Site Settings. This is in addition to the standard System Roles that are already available (Administrator, Reporting Administrator, Content Creator and Line Manager). The System Roles you create can be used to record additional reporting lines and relationships between users in the user's profile.

The new Reporting Lines tab on a user's profile allows you to easily create and track upwards and downwards reporting lines

How does it work?

Super Administrators can create new System Roles within the System Roles card in Site Settings. There are two tabs:

  • Roles - this shows you all System Roles that are available. The standard roles will be created by default and cannot be amended
  • User - this shows anyone that is assigned to a System Role

To create a new System Role, click Create System Role. Enter the name of the role, for example T&C Supervisor, and a description. By default, the new System Role can be used for reporting line relationships, however you can untick this option if required.

The Line Managers tab in a user's profile has been renamed to Reporting Lines - this is where you can assign relationships relative to the user. You can view upwards (people managing the user) and downwards (people the user manages) reporting lines. Add a Manager for a user by clicking the Add Manager button, selecting the user and their relationship, for example T&C Supervisor. Add Reporting Lines for a user by clicking Add Reporting Line then selecting their relationship, for example Line Manager, and the user reporting into them.

Delegate Managers can also be added from the Reporting Lines tab via the Add Manager button. For the Delegate Manager you can also select the Reporting Scope, for example All Reports or just Direct Reports.

Who can use it?

System Roles can be created by Super Administrators in Site Settings. Administrators can set reporting lines and relationships in a user's profile. Released in 8.7.35.

eCreator Enhancements

In our 8.1 Release Note, we announced that we are continuing to enhance our eCreator templates by adding the core functionality of our newer templates to our original preset templates. This provides you with more editing flexibility. The Question and Answer template is the next template to undergo this revamp.

We have also developed several other enhancements to make creating content with eCreator even more straightforward. These include:

  • The ability to change the transition speed for items animating onto your page
  • A ruler guideline to help line items up when designing your pages
  • When uploading an image to an image panel the image will now upload as the exact image size within its container
  • The ability to add a question to any eCreator template using the new question panel.

You can now add the Question and Answer panel to any page template and customise various options for the panel

How does it work?

Question and Answer template:
Select the Question and Answer template in the usual way using the template picker. All items on the page can now be edited independently using the Pencil edit toolbars.

The Question and Answer template now has the ability to include more than one question. To add a further question, click the Plus icon. Choose the Question Panel option and a new question panel will appear. You can now customise your question by doing the following:

  • Delete any elements of your panel by clicking on the element and Rubbish Bin option
  • Add additional answer options by selecting Add Option
  • Change from the default multi-select question type to a single choice question type.
  • Customise the feedback users receive.

Transition speed of animated items:
To animate an item on your eCreator page, click on the Pencil and choose the Animate option. From here you can choose the animation style, and now the transition speed. This can be 0.1 - 5 seconds.

Ruler Guideline:
The new ruler guideline tool can be switched on from the Settings option in the Pencil menu. Once switched on, a ruler will appear across the top of your page and down the left hand side. You can drag a guideline from the ruler anywhere in the page to position and line up items. The guideline is also visible when creating popups, so these can be aligned with other items in your eCreator page.

Uploading images:
You can upload an image to an image panel. The image is uploaded as the actual image size. You can resize the image in the usual way, by dragging the bottom right corner. The option to Fit or Fill the image to the panel is still available and the image still uploads to Fill the panel by default. Take a look at our guides on Unicorn Help for more information.

Add a question to a template:
When editing your eCreator course choose a template in the normal way. In the page editor, click the Plus on the left hand side then click the Add Question option to add a new question panel. You can then customise your question.

Who can use it?

This functionality will be available to Content Creators and Administrators when working with eCreator. Released in 8.7.18

New Report Data Source

There is a new data source available when creating new reports. The data source is called Activity Registration Status which allows you to report on the registration status of an activity. We have also renamed the existing data source Activity Registrations to Activity Progress to help improve on the usability between the two data sources.

The new report data source 'Activity Registration Status' allows you to report on the registration status of an activity

How does it work?

Administrators and Reporting Administrators can access this data source from the Reports homepage. Navigate to Reports and choose New Report. Select the Activity Registration Status data source. In the Select Parameters tab add an activity you would like to report on and tick the option to Include unregistered users if you would like to add those parameters into your report.

Who can use it?

This functionality will be available to Reporting Administrators and Administrators when creating Reports. Released in 8.7.35.

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