Unicorn Training TV - new SkillsServe video now online

Unicorn Training TV - new SkillsServe video now online We're chuffed with our new version of SkillsServe - our award-winning learning and development platform - so we wanted to share it with you! Check out this new video on UnicornTrainingTV showcasing what sets SkillsServe apart from other learning and performance systems. It includes our approach, its flexibility to reflect your brand, values and reporting needs and how our 25 year relationships with professional bodies in your sector means you benefit from the regular upgrades and enhancements you need for you and your staff to stay ahead in your business. Find out why our User Forums are creating a buzz too, as you can help develop our SkillsServe roadmaps and hopefully share our enthusiasm for making your SkillsServe experience as great as we want it to be. Enjoy! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&list=UUtNjaSP3A2yOA-DcytN4UPg&v=OsAz7iGa_kY]

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