Unicorn’s Brexit Data Privacy Commitment Statement

Unicorn’s Brexit Data Privacy Commitment Statement

We are currently seeing an increasing number of enquiries regarding how we propose to approach our Data Privacy obligations in the post-Brexit world. Rather than issue a generic contract amendment to all our clients and contracting parties, which may subsequently prove to be invalid or premature we are issuing this ‘commitment statement’ until the terms on which the UK is leaving the EU are clearer:

  • Unicorn, as a data processor working in conjunction with our clients as data controllers, is and will continue to be committed to the delivery of our solutions and services that comply with GDPR and other applicable Data Privacy legislation;
  • In the weeks leading up to the UK’s departure from the EU, Unicorn will continue to closely monitor the ongoing negotiations and political debate, with particular focus on the implications for the free movement of personal identifiable information (PII) between EU and non-EU countries. We will also continue to liaise closely with our external advisors and should we be required to implement additional safeguards in the event of a no-deal Brexit, we are confident that we are well placed to react promptly and proportionately; and
  • We have reviewed our supply chain to identify where we may receive PII from the EEA in the performance of our services and can confirm that the instances of this occurring are extremely low. Therefore whatever the outcome of the ongoing Brexit discussions we do not anticipate that the UK’s departure from the EU will affect our ability to provide our services compliantly to a significant degree.

We trust this satisfies some of the concerns that have been raised to date. We will, of course, contact you directly in due course if we need to implement a change to your particular contract with Unicorn. In the meantime, if you have any queries regarding this commitment statement, please contact jackie.kennedy@unicorntraining.com


Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy


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