Update to Business Resilience Bundle

Update to Business Resilience Bundle

Following our recent blog announcing updates to some of our existing courses and 3 brand new COVID response courses, Access can now offer the Business Resilience Bundle, curated to equip managers and team leaders with the right content and tools to support their employees through the ‘new normal’.

We have identified five key pillars that highlight the issues most organisations will encounter.

1. How do we get back to work and start delivering our services and products? Courses such as Flexible Leadership and Taking the Lead will ensure your managers are equipped with the tools and knowledge to support a successful team.

2. How do we look after both ourselves and our workforce in future? Courses such as Personal Agility, Resilience and Life Balance are included to support your employees through the transition.

3. How do we develop, train and engage our teams? Courses such as Training for Non-Trainers and Performance Management are vital to ensure an agile and competent workforce.

4. How do we keep our people function running effectively in the new world? Our Effective Meetings and Operational Agility courses support these issues.

5. How do we keep the business compliant and safe? Three new COVID response courses for Senior Managers, Line Managers and Employees will help address this.

See below for a full list of courses within this bundle. For further information, please see our Business Resilience Bundle brochure.

Our 3 brand new COVID response courses, for employees, managers and leaders, are RoSPA Accredited. These courses outline the guidance that should be used in conjunction with any pre-existing organisation best practice guidelines, legal obligations, as well as Health and Safety measures that are in place. Information in these new courses will include:

For Employees:

  • Social distancing in the workplace - ensuring guidelines are adhered to and vigilance is maintained
  • Hygiene techniques - how to adopt cleaning practices to prevent spread of illness within the workplace
  • Personal Protective Equipment - following company guidelines and precautions to lower risk of spread
  • Getting support - how to address Managers if concerned about health and safety

For Managers:

  • Creating a COVID secure workplace - which risk assessments to complete and the implementation of control measures
  • COVID symptoms and reporting - how to ensure the reporting process is effectively communicated to your employees
  • Conducting re-induction training - supporting every employee via return to work meetings and helping those who have had long periods of furlough become aware of changes in work arrangements

For Leaders:

  • Return to Work Plans – what details need to be considered in a Return to Work Plan dependent on what closure arrangements you have been operating
  • Dealing with a COVID Outbreak at Work – the steps you must take if a member of staff displays symptoms of COVID and/or is confirmed to have COVID
  • Having a COVID Response Plan – explaining what contingency plan should be in place, given any new shutdowns or start-ups

If you do not subscribe to any of our content catalogues or wish to find out more about our Business Resilience Bundle, please contact your Account Manager. Alternatively, you can get in contact with us here, email digitallearning@theaccessgroup.com or call us on 0800 055 6586.

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