Updated and New Content

Updated and New Content

We know how important it is for us all to do what we can to ensure an effective transition for ourselves and our teams back to work. The landscape of the workforce has and will inevitably continue to change and today’s ‘new normal’ may not be tomorrows! To assist you with through these times, we have identified 5 key areas of concern, highlighting the issues which most businesses will be faced with.

To ensure that we provide you with the most up to date and relevant information, we have updated some of our existing courses to directly address these key areas of concern.


Update Objective Update Summary

Brand & Reputation Addition of material reflecting how to manage loss of consumer confidence in a brand following challenges and setbacks. A new component entitled ‘Re-establishing Consumer Confidence’.
Collaborative Working Addition of material reflecting how to facilitate virtual collaboration. Amended copy to place a slightly larger emphasis on remote working and virtual collaboration and the tools required.
Dealing With Stress Addition of material reflecting how to recognise anxiety and loneliness and the maintenance of the work/life balance in a work-from-home situation. New material added to the pre-existing ‘Sources of Stress’, relating to mindset and coping with uncertainty. Additions to Changes In Society, relating to significant events and the far-reaching changes they can create. Additions to Loss, relating to significant events that cause widespread bereavement.

A new component, ‘Maintain The Work/Life Balance’.

Effective Meetings Addition of material reflecting how to effectively handle virtual meetings and the importance of advance preparation of materials for remote sharing. Inserted new components to the course, ‘Choose Your Format’ and 'Facilitating Teamwork In Meetings'.
Managing Personal Finance Addition of material reflecting how to manage your financial wellbeing during the uncertainty that can occur during unexpected changes to a lifestyle, or as the result of a crisis. A new component entitled ‘Handling Uncertainty’.
Performance Management Addition of material reflecting how to conduct remote performance reviews. Inserted a new component to the course, ‘Remote Performance Reviews’.
Planning & Monitoring Team Performance Addition of material reflecting how to handle virtual check-ins with staff and dealing with remote performance monitoring. Inserted a new component to the course, ‘Managing Remote Performance’.
Taking The Lead Addition of material reflecting how to amend your leadership style and process to handle management of remote staff and change management as a concept. We amended one of the final components, ‘The Changing Face Of Leadership’, to incorporate additional material on Remote Leadership and Change Management.
Training For Non-Trainers Addition of material reflecting how to put together remote training and the virtual classroom environment, and what is involved in remote onboarding. Inserted one new components to the course, ‘Virtual Classrooms’.
What’s Not Being Said Addition of material reflecting how to recognise non-verbal signals and cues in a virtual environment and while communicating with remote staff or as part of a remote team. Inserted a new component to the course, ‘Non-Verbal Communication Via Text’.

Inserted a new component to the course, ‘Non-Verbal Communication In Remote Working’.

Communication Additional material highlighting the benefits of using technology for communication. Added new content on the benefits of using technology for communication, and how this can introduce more opportunities for remote working, increase productivity and interaction/participation.
H&S for Homeworkers (Employees and Managers) Additional material to reinforce managements responsibility homeworkers irrespective if it’s a permanent or temporary arrangement. New content has been added to ‘Homeworking Assessment’ page which expands on the managers responsibility regarding assessing all homeworker’s work activity.
Health and Wellbeing Additional material to reflect the growing number of employees working from home and how they can stay healthy. Inserted new content into the course on promoting a good work/life balance by keeping your work area separate, minimize distractions and keep in regular contact with team members to prevent isolation.
Stress Management (Managers and Employees) Additional material highlighting how home working can introduce new pressures on employees. Added tips on how to prevent stress whilst homeworking, such as implementing a routing and avoiding distractions. Managers module highlights the need to be mindful of these additional pressures and to ensure they support employees who are working from home.
Time Management Additional material highlighting that working from home can be beneficial for some, but other may find it difficult manage their time. Added a new content on working from home and the importance of structure, routine and avoiding distractions by creating a dedicated work area away from others.
Workstation Setup Additional material on the importance of keeping your workstation clean and how to maintain proper workstation setup when working from home. Additional wording has been added to ‘Arrange your Workstation’ which covers the importance of keeping your desk clean. New content has been added which highlights the importance of maintaining good workstation setup when working from home and encourages setting aside a dedicated space to avoid distractions.

We have also created 3 brand new RoSPA Accredited COVID response courses, for employees, managers and senior leaders. These courses outline the guidance that should be used in conjunction with any pre-existing organisation best practice guidelines, legal obligations, as well as Health and Safety measures that are in place. Information in these new courses will include:

  • Creating a COVID secure workplace - which risk assessments to complete and the implementation of control measures
  • COVID symptoms and reporting - how to ensure the reporting process is effectively communicated to your employees
  • Conducting re-induction training - supporting every employee via return to work meetings and helping those who have had long periods of furlough become aware of changes in work arrangements
  • Social distancing in the workplace - ensuring guidelines are adhered to and vigilance is maintained
  • Hygiene techniques - how to adopt cleaning practices to prevent spread of illness within the workplace
  • Personal Protective Equipment - following company guidelines and government advice
  • Getting support - how to address Managers if concerned about health and safety

Those who are subscribed to the Safety Media catalogue only will receive the 3 COVID response courses as part of your package. For clients that are subscribed to the MicroLearn catalogue, you will receive all updates and the 3 COVID response courses as part of your package.

If you are not subscribed to either of these catalogues but feel that these courses will be vital to your return to work process, find out more about our content suites here.

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