VIDEO BLOG - Can You Make One Cap Fit All When It Comes To Learning?

VIDEO BLOG - Can You Make One Cap Fit All When It Comes To Learning? yeolde1It is impossible to take a ‘one-cap fits all’ attitude to learning. Who hasn’t sat there looking at something feeling completely uninspired when the person next to us is completely engrossed? The whole academic field of pedagogy is dedicated to the science of learning styles. But when it comes to creating eLearning the most important thing for us has always been to understand that people do learn differently and cater for that, not get bogged down in why. As Unicorn marks its 25th anniversary year,  in this month's edition of e.learning age, Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, takes a close look at how technologies have changed the way we deliver learning, with a few amusing examples of what our learning has looked like in that time. But he stresses that while technologies may have changed, Unicorn’s approach hasn’t; effective learning still comes from making content engaging, relevant, and practical. yeolde3Massive advances in graphic design and instructional design, the use of digital quality video and sound and the arrival of broadband have enabled eLearning to take on a life of its own. Our content is governed by the principal there are different styles for different people and we use different media and delivery styles to make sure everyone enjoys, and most critically benefits from, the same learning experience whatever their own learning preferences. As Peter observes in e.learning age: “The technologies are just tools and for all the changes, one thing remains constant. We eLearning professionals should never lose sight of the fact that our core business is creating effective learning experiences.” In a famous TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson, makes an entertaining and moving case for creating an education system that nurtures, rather than undermines creativity. Igloo Animations have taken a snippet from that talk, featuring the experience of dance superstar, Gillian Lynne, about how schools kill creativity. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvhJnTPtJNQ]

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