VIDEO BLOG - Configure Yourself One of Us!

VIDEO BLOG - Configure Yourself One of Us! Configuration; hardly the most riveting of words. But configuration is a huge part of making sure when you’re excited about launching your new online academy or some cool new learning to your staff it doesn’t end up a damp squib. With more and more clients switching to SkillsServe, David Teague (Head of Platform Services) explains how client relationships are crucial in getting the right result.     skillsServe-two-computers_jul13 There may have only been seven of us but over the past year, Unicorn’s Configuration Team have migrated over 60 organisations from the now-closed SkillsHub to SkillsServe and more than 500 clients from STUDYServe to SkillsServe, both single and multi-tenancy solutions. We are pretty chuffed with that! With the SkillsServe platform going from strength to strength, and being adopted by so many financial and insurance institutions, it is imperative we have a team of configuration specialists that can implement and deliver solutions in whatever guise required. Alongside the many migrations our team of Charlotte, Joe, Lee, Lisa, Mark and Tai have delivered in conjunction with our Project Management Team, we have also upgraded the majority of our Single Tenancy Clients to Version 3 of the SkillsServe platform. There have been a great many improvements and new features delivered between versions 2 and 3 of SkillsServe and accordingly we have had to ensure the process we have followed from project inception to delivery has been in-depth, well defined and efficient. The ability to achieve that only comes from learning from our previous experiences and adding or streamlining processes and tasks to make us more efficient in delivering right across all of our various solutions. Speaking to our clients has also become much more of a part of the role of a Configuration Specialist than it has ever been. We are now spending increased amounts of time building relationships with our clients and better understanding your requirements. We want to improve our services whenever and wherever we can, and we have also aimed to become more cross-functional across the team so that we don’t have islands of knowledge. It is not that we are just delivering Learning and Development solutions to our partners and clients either; we as a team are learning something new each day. Whether it is a new approach to carrying out projects and tasks, ensuring we are keeping it simple, or whether learning about new functionality our Development Team have introduced to the SkillsServe platform, it is all genuinely exciting to be a part of. One of the best things that has happened within Unicorn over the past year is the movement of staff members within departments - where possible Unicorn tries to promote from within so we are constantly building knowledge across the whole business. This also gives our staff the opportunity to grow and develop their careers with Unicorn. Through this we have been delighted to acquire Joe Price, who had previously spent two years as part of our Support Team so Joe brings with him excellent customer service skills and SkillsServe knowledge. Meanwhile, Lee Matthews has migrated to our Project Management Team. I moved to Unicorn to take on the challenge of leading and developing the Configuration Team a year ago. It was my first role working in the Learning and Development space having previously held Product Management roles within Web Content Management and Marketing software businesses. It has been quite a year for us all! davidTeagueNewsletter-2 * Lee Matthews was part of David's team who now works on Project Management. Hear his thoughts on job swapping, client wish-lists and other things Unicorn. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3x3BvPecsY]

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