VIDEO BLOG: Friday Funtime! 3 'Boss' Views On Using Games In Learning

Unicorn Training YouTube Channel Screenshot

It's Friday funtime so in the third in our series of video blogs from Learning Technologies, we get the lowdown from some of the leading names who are putting games and gamification at the heart of the learning agenda.

Juliette Denny from Growth Engineering and Amuzo's Mike Hawkyard and Adrian Smith....ready, set, go!

"Gamification is not a new thing, we've been playing games since the dawn of time, but it's really important you apply gamification in a way that is right for your brand, what you stand for, your cultural goals, visions and values."

"I'd call games snacking; small bursts of fun, engaging content."

"Bring them in with the fun, get them engaged, get them excited, and then enhance their ability to play the game by doing learning tasks."

Want more? You don’t have to wait with further interviews from Learning Technologies at our Unicorn Training TV YouTube channel.

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