VIDEO BLOG: Putting the UX Factor into eLearning

VIDEO BLOG: Putting the UX Factor into eLearning Everyone’s been there, when you look at a website homepage and think ‘Where do I start??’ But did you realise how much work goes into making sure that doesn’t happen? User Experience – or UX as it’s called – is the science of figuring out exactly what enables a user to get from A to B with a minimum of effort, and is a massive part of the ongoing development of our SkillsServe learning and performance platform. It doesn’t matter if people are super tech-savvy or absolutely hate computers, the same parts of the same system need to engage and do same job for both groups of learners. This is more about psychology than technology, and it requires constant evaluation and re-evaluation. Eddie Yanez is Head of UX Design at Unicorn Training. In this video, he talks about the principles of good UX and how that is applied to SkillsServe. The aim? For whoever is using the system to not even notice just how easy it is. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-FKGP5cTxU]

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