Welcome to our Course Collection

Welcome to our Course Collection

At Unicorn we believe in providing learning solutions that appeal to all learning modalities.

Some may think that Walter Burke Barbe’s ‘Learning Modalities Model’ (VAK) is a bit of a myth, but there certainly are people that have preferences when it comes to learning something new. Age, technology, social media; choices made for us by the education sector and our places of work have now shaped how we prefer to learn.

Think about how you would approach learning a new task. Let’s say you have a job interview and your prospective employer wants you to deliver a short presentation on yourself using PowerPoint. You’ve got it on your laptop, but you have never really used it.

So, how would you learn how to use it? Would you just open it and see what you could do on your own? Would you head to the library or to Amazon and get a copy of PowerPoint for Dummies? How about using that gateway to all knowledge, Google to see if there are any blogs that will help? Or how about YouTube for some videos? Or maybe phone a friend or colleague to help? Believe it or not, each of those relate to a learning modality and most of you will have a preference.

However, would you pick the right one for you?

Most will pick multiple methods, so just like with our eLearning content, it would be a blended approach. Unicorn and our carefully selected content partners all believe in this methodology, designing and creating content which is rich in audio, video, text and tests. Some however pick a style and make it their own, like our latest content partner Bookboon – the Netflix of eBooks.

No matter what your preferred modality, at Unicorn we’ve got it covered.

2019 Course Collection

You can now view our full range of eLearning all in one place - our 2019 Course Collection catalogue.

In this catalogue we include full listings of all of our Governance Risk and Compliance courses - including details of which courses are applicable to which sectors and job functions. The catalogue also details the recommended CPD allocated to each piece of eLearning.

The comprehensive directory also includes itemised listings from each of our 3rd party content partners - including RESILIA, MicroLearn, Video Arts, Metidian and Bookboon.

You can grab a printed copy from your Customer Success Manager or pick one up at our stand (#L10) at the upcoming Learning Technologies Exhibition.

We will be updating the catalogue each quarter - highlighting new courses and updates to existing collections. You can always find the latest version in PDF format here.


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