What’s the difference between information security and cybersecurity?

What’s the difference between information security and cyber security?

We’ve been thinking for a while that there isn’t much difference actually. Then, when reviewing our clients and partner’s feedback there certainly was agreement that one was just a subset of the other. One of our partners, Richard Owen - Corporate Learning Director at the Chartered Insurance Institute, helps explain:

“Cyber security is often confused with information security, but they are inexorably linked. Whilst cybersecurity focuses on protecting systems from unauthorised access or being otherwise damaged or made inaccessible, information security is broader and looks to protect all information assets”.

Given the feedback, and as part of our initiative to improve our content for the learner and administrator, we willl be merging our Information Security and Cybercrime pathways in Q1 2020.

The new, merged pathway, entitled ‘Information and cybersecurity’ will cover the key topics relating to both. It will start with a look at the types of information that need protecting, then move through what YOU can actually DO to help protect information. For example:

  • Travelling securely
  • Preventing tailgating
  • Using strong passwords
  • Identity checks
  • Correctly sharing data
  • Applying a clear desk policy
  • Phishing
  • Browsing securely
  • Reporting breaches

It will also include an activity on creating and maintaining an information and cybersecurity culture.

And all this comes with no extra screen count. In fact, the new merged pathway will actually be shorter than either of the two previous individual ones! In addition, the new pathway will benefit from a great, fresh, new look and feel. This is particularly with regard to the animated 1 to 2-minute standalone videos that we’re developing. These can be used as a snappy interactive solution to topical issues such as travelling securely or dealing with phishing, as well as be used as learning reinforcement at a later date.

So, “what’s the difference between information security and cybersecurity”...Look out for our new pathway early 2020 and find out through some great interactive activities!


David Gristwood

David Gristwood

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