Why should avatar (online characters) be part of your e-learning strategy?

Why should avatar (online characters) be part of your e-learning strategy? Avatars as part of your immersive e-learning strategy

Simple. They make learning more interesting, more engaging, more social and more real. The result? More compelling e-learning, more enthusiastic learners, more results.

According to a Stanford University study:

"Characters are well liked because they make online interactions more personal. When presented with only a single character for interaction only 15% of users dislike the character. When presented with a choice of multiple characters, more than 90% of people prefer interaction with the character, to no character at all."

In fact, since w/ has been using avatars we've found learners not only do enjoy our courses more, but they also spend more time in them and they learn more and remember more, too. Avatars are the perfect way for learners to practice selling, management or coaching simulations!

So, do you want your learners spending more time in courses? Soaking up more, remembering more? Of course! Here's what we've learned about avatars. Insurveys learners agreed or strongly agreed:
84%...Actually meeting the customer characters made them more real for me.
88%...It was helpful to observe the retail sales character's approach to selling.
92%...The coach provided useful insights and advice on customers and selling.
89%...It was useful to actually practice selling the products to customers.
88%...It was helpful to go through the selling scenarios more than once.

It's interesting to point out that these learners had anywhere from a couple of years on the job, to more than 20 years. And they raged in age from 20-somethings to 50-somethings. What you can deduce from this is that regardless of age or experience, we are all social beings and we all relate positively to the presence of anavatar in our e-learning.

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