Will the LMS still be a viable platform for eLearning in 2020?

Will the LMS still be a viable platform for eLearning in 2020? In part three of our exclusive interview with eLearning guru Craig Weiss, Craig reveals why he thinks the Learning Management System (LMS) industry is here to stay. In fact, there's currently over 580 LMS on the market, which by 2017/2018 is projected to explode into a $7.8 billion industry. craig weiss You can watch the video here. When it comes to LMS, Craig certainly knows his stuff. Recently named the second most influential person in the world for eLearning, Craig has just released an independent review of the state of the LMS industry. You can find out more about Craig’s report here. The report includes short video walkthroughs of 28 top LMSs, including SkillsServe. You can view these videos here. SS demo The SkillsServe video will give you an insight into the power and flexibility of our platform, and how 25 years’ experience in providing learning solutions for the financial services industry sets us apart from other enterprise learning and performance systems. To find out more about SkillsServe, contact us today. Read more... The Future of eLearning with Craig Weiss, Part II 6 Things We Foresee For Next 25 Years in eLearning Has the UK eLearning Sector Got Complacent? Unicorn Wins Outstanding Learning Company 2013

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