Working in the New Normal

Working in the New Normal

When lockdown measures were first introduced and most workforces transitioned to remote working, we offered our Free Effective Remote Working Bundle to help managers and employees stay motivated and engaged.

As measures are now being lifted many employees will start to return to shared workspaces after long periods of either furlough or remote working, while others will continue to work remotely. The landscape of the work environment has changed significantly and as we transition to a ‘new normal’, we want to support you and your business in the challenges you may face as a result.

Here at Access we have curated a content bundle to equip you and your staff with the content you need to ensure safe and effective ‘new normal’ working practices. This Working in the New Normal Bundle is free when you take any of Access’s Learning platforms including Learning Lite via Workspace and will replace the previous Effective Remote Working Bundle on Friday 17th July.

The Working in the New Normal Bundle includes:
Coronavirus Awareness Designed to share information about the current outbreak of Coronavirus. It

explores how to protect yourself and prevent the spread of disease, both in the workplace and beyond.

COVID Response: Leaders This course aims to cover all of the actions Leaders must take in response to the COVID pandemic and prior to their workforce returning to shared workspaces.
Health and Safety for

Homeworkers (Employees)

Designed to raise awareness of the risks and hazards that are prevalent within the home-based workplace.
Health and Safety for

Homeworkers (Managers)

Designed to help managers of people help their people stay safe within the

home-based workplace.

Managing Virtual Teams Designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of virtual working and implement processes that will help you get the most out of your teams.
Mental Health This module explores what an organisation can do to support individuals in the workplace who are suffering with a mental health problem.
Phishing This eLearning course, game and summary document, shows how phishing

emails are the most common way for attackers to steal sensitive information or launch cyberattacks.

Remote Working In this course we look at the benefits working remotely can bring for both

individuals and organisations.

Whaling for Beginners Follows a CEO’s journey as they realise just how close to home cyberattacks can strike and how broad hackers’ ambitions can be.
Workstation Setup In this course, you’ll cover the importance of assessing your working

environment, so you can ensure that you aren’t putting yourself at any risk.

Download the full flyer here.

Deployed on the Access LMS, our learning solutions offer a clear layout with intuitive learner journeys, providing a great user experience for learners, managers and administrators alike. Once up and running, learning resources can be delivered at scale and at speed to your teams, wherever they are, tracking engagement and reviewing learner progress. We can also serve these courses up on your existing LMS.

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