World of Learning Conference and Exhibition - Day 2

World of Learning Conference & Exhibition Visit Unicorn at Stand G50

Our second day at World of Learning Conference and Exhibition kicked off with a nice little surprise! When we arrived at our stand we found a post-it note stuck to the table from yesterday's winner - Karen we're so pleased you love your unicorn so much - enjoy!

We had a slightly different team than yesterday, so it was nice to see the reaction from our colleagues when they arrived at our stand. As soon as the doors opened we had visitors swarming around, hoping they might have a chance of winning a unicorn. It was then time to head off to the conference, the first session being 'How to curate formal and informal learning'. The talk kicked off discussing how 'Know-why, know-who and know-when = know how and allows for organisational dexterity', as these pillars build competency, experience and attitude for your employees.

The speaker then went on to explain how important it is to let knowledgeable colleagues share their knowledge through peers, however, it is critical they are given the right tools and techniques in order to capture and share this knowledge. A good way of doing this is by creating an 'SME' culture, whereby knowledgeable colleagues are given a platform to help peers - this could be an easy step for companies to take in order to introduce informal learning at work.

The next step is to identify, through the use of analytics, where there are training gaps and where employees need extra help. A good way to interpret this data is by looking at likes, shares, comments - but this only tells you so much. The speaker suggested something which is common place in the marketing world - focus groups. It doesn't need to be hundreds of employees, just a small representative selection who had both positive and negative experiences of this type of learning. The information you gather from these focus groups will go far beyond any type of data you can gather through analytics - a more indepth and detailed venture into the why's and why nots.

It was then time to head back to the stand, just in time to find out we had won best stand of the show from a panel of judges - here's a picture of Abi receiving our winning bottle of champagne! It's safe to say we were very pleased to have won!

After a quick bite to eat it was time for the next session by Ben Betts 'Campaign learning: your strategy to deliver performance support'. Ben was passionate in his presentation, kicking off by talking about content curation "The learning professional's role is to identify the catalyst for learning and to establish a baseline for connections". Ben explained how our world is rich in content, it's everywhere thanks to the internet and the majority of us are content curators in many different contexts - but especially the L&D folk who created eLearning courses. As instructional designers, it's your job to aggregate information, interpret it and create digestible information that learners can understand. He went on to say how in his early days when he was creating eLearning, he would write courses across many different sectors and topics, picking up a lot of random knowledge along the way - I'm sure he's great to have on a pub quiz team!

Ben then went on to discuss how in today's world, where information is easily and quickly accessible - our learners need to be able to access information they require quickly. It's no good being slowed down by the length of time it takes to develop, create and roll-out training - and if companies want to be more agile there are accessible and easy ways to accomplish this.

The discussion then evolved into the transition from directed training to self-directed. a change in learner behaviour and perhaps company culture. He spoke about how learners cannot just jump from very traditional directed training, to being allowed to learn anywhere, at anytime and on different non-traditional topics - from the push to the pull.

This change certainly won't happen overnight and to guide the transition to self-directed learning, there needs to be a campaign of learning established, which gradually allows for more freedom for learners - called the 'diffusion of learning curve'. This model shows how learning is a cycle and to avoid the dreaded forgetting curve, the campaign needs to prompt learners memory reminding them of what they have learnt.

As the afternoon drew to a close at World of Learning Conference and Exhibition, we decided it was time to announce who had won our giant unicorn - here's a picture of the lucky winner! We had a great time at World of Learning, we hope you did too! Thanks to everyone who visited us, we really enjoyed meeting you all.

Finally, don't forget that if you didn't get a chance to pick up a copy of the Learning Ecosphere whitepaper, you can download it here.


Our external event calendar for 2017 has come to a close after the busy exhibition season, but we begin exhibiting again in 2018. Thanks to everyone who has come to see us over the last couple of days, and to anyone who has popped along to the other events we've attended this year - it's been a blast! Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter @unicorntraining.

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