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Whoever you are, the success of your corporate learning lies in maximising engagement and embedding the correct behaviours in a way that avoids prescriptive (let’s face it, boring!) training initiatives. From initial needs analysis and advice, through design, technical build and publishing, we use a range of activities to create learning campaigns that deliver real impact within your organisation.

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Custom Content formats

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Animation and Video

Delivering key messages to start a campaign or provide reinforcement, we use short, impactful animation and video in a wide range of styles to ensure the message sticks.

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Case studies or branching scenarios

We believe in practical hands-on eLearning. That's why we excel in building real world case studies and scenarios that focus on applying learning in the workplace. Learners impact a virtual scenario based on their individual choices.

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A rich multi-media based approach which sees learning content written as a TV show, and presented in a newsroom.

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A quiz can often be used to check learner understanding - either within a module, or as a standalone activity after other modules. Leverage our creative and technical capability to deliver fully gamified learning experiences.

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Exploratory environment

We can build environments that encourage the learner to explore, encounter challenges and progress at a pace that reflects their prior learning. Let us create your virtual office, showroom, store or a whole town, in 2D, panoramic or immersive 3D.

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A variation on the exploratory approach is to create a timeline, for example 'A Day in the Life' with the learner navigating their way through a series of everyday challenges, conflicting priorities and time critical tasks.

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Strategy at the heart of everything we do

We believe in the importance of defining learning outcomes in terms of performance improvement. Whilst we appreciate beautiful, slick learning content, we don’t think there’s any point in building courses that don’t have a clear goal in mind. Delivering tangible business outcomes is core to any bespoke project, which is why we make sure every project starts with a scope that asks key questions to explore who your target audience is, what you’re trying to achieve, and how you plan to measure success.