Workplace Skills Courses
from MicroLearn and Video Arts

Brought to you through our partnerships with MicroLearn and Video Arts, our workplace and soft skills courses offer everything from communication and leadership training, through to a range of self-management titles. Soft skills learning is important for your organisation, both in terms of meeting legal requirements (health and safety, for example), and for equipping your staff with the skills they need to be happier, healthier and more productive at work.

Essential Skills in the Workplace

Whether it’s conflict management or lone working; managing change or leadership training you’re looking for, the Workplace Skills content library is the perfect way to provide all your people with the awareness and insight to stay safe, productive and mindful at work. Choose between the animated, accessible video style of the MicroLearn catalogue; or the slick, high-energy format of Video Arts courses.

MicroLearn Courses

The MicroLearn suite comprises a series of characterful, conversational and fun animated courses, delivering engaging learning content that is accessible, effective and easy to digest. With the added bonus of being delivered, as the name suggests, in a ‘microlearning’ format, this style of content lends itself well to organisations looking to deploy content in a mobile environment as well as a desktop one.

Key course topic areas

Mental Health
Health and Safety
Personal Development

Video Arts Courses

Video Arts was founded by comedy and acting legend John Cleese. The Video Arts suite consists of series of online courses that centre around entertaining, engaging videos featuring a host of famous faces. Video Arts content brings organisational workplace skills learning to life in a truly unique and engaging way, complete with the polish you would expect from a high-budget production environment.

Key course topic areas

Leadership & Management
Health and Safety
Personal Development
HR (Human Resources)
Sales Mastery
Project Management

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