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All our eLearning suites have been developed with industry experts or by our key content partners to ensure you are getting the best available courses for your business area. Taking the best principles of engagement to deliver practical, role-relevant learning and interactive case studies, this is learning that sticks. It might be off-the-shelf but it will feel like it's been made just for you.

Compliance Courses

All our eLearning suites have been developed with industry experts or by our key content partners to ensure you are getting the best available courses for your business area.

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Financial Crime
Combating Market Abuse
Complying with Sanctions
Countering Bribery and Corruption
Customer Due Diligence
Fighting Fraud
MLRO Practical Guidelines for Money Laundering Prevention Staff
Money Laundering and How You Can Prevent It
Financial Crime: The Basics
Money Laundering and How You Can Prevent It - Gibraltar
Money Laundering and How You Can Prevent It - Guernsey
Money Laundering and How You Can Prevent It - Jersey
Money Laundering and How You Can Prevent It - UAE
Compliance with the Criminal Finances Act 2017
Approved Persons
COBS Appropriateness
COBS Best Execution
COBS Client Categorisation
COBS Dealing and Managing
COBS Suitability
Senior Management Arrangements, Systems & Controls
An introduction to MiFID II
Certification regime
COBS Essentials
Complaint handling and regulated firms
Conduct risk and treating customers fairly
Consumer credit regulations (motor finance)
Consumer credit regulations (personal loans and credit cards)
Consumer credit - handling arrears
Culture and ethics
Enhancing the Experience for Vulnerable Customers
Financial Promotions
How to comply with the Data Protection Act
Information security
Introduction to BCOBS and the PSRs (Banking)
Introduction to BCOBS and the PSRs (Building societies)
Introduction to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Introduction to the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)
Managing conflicts of interest
Risk management
Senior managers regime
The basics of CASS
The conduct rules
The new Regulatory Framework in Banking
Three lines of defence
Transaction reporting
Whistleblowing with confidence
GDPR essentials
GDPR for managers
Advising and lending responsibly
Arrears and possessions
Exploring the mortgage environment
Handling mortgage and home finance complaints
Mortgages and home financing: treating customers fairly
Preventing mortgage fraud
Regulation of mortgages and home finance
The EU Mortgage Credit Directive
The Home Buying Process
What equity release is and how it works

Cyber Security Courses

All our eLearning suites have been developed with industry experts or by our key content partners to ensure you are getting the best available courses for your business area.

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Protecting Information
Personal Information
Information Handling
Removable Media
Safe Device Use
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Password Safety
Remote and Mobile Working
Managing Online Risks
Social Engineering
Keeping Safe Online
Online Safety
Social Media Protection

Microsoft Office Courses

All our eLearning suites have been developed with industry experts or by our key content partners to ensure you are getting the best available courses for your business area.

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Workplace Skills Courses

All our eLearning suites have been developed with industry experts or by our key content partners to ensure you are getting the best available courses for your business area.

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MicroLearn - Communication and Social Skills
Active listening
Asking the right questions
Expressing yourself
Body language
Effective writing
How to be assertive
Presenting with confidence
What’s not being said
MicroLearn - Equality and Diversity
Equality and diversity introduction
Gender reassignment
Marriage and civil partnerships
Pregnancy and maternity
Religion or belief
Sex discrimination
Sexual orientation
MicroLearn - Social and Corporate Responsibilities
Anti-money laundering
Bribery awareness
Cyber security
Driving at work
Modern day slavery
MicroLearn - Customer Service
Approaching new customers
Email etiquette
Handling complaints
Know your customer
Maintaining existing customers
Telephone manner
Understanding brand and reputation
MicroLearn - Understanding Budget and Finance
Budgeting basics
MicroLearn - Managing Change
Challenging the status quo
Experiencing change
Making the change
Seeing through change
The need for strategy
Thriving in change
MicroLearn - Management and Leadership
Coaching and mentoring
Developing leadership
Giving and receiving feedback
Making objectives happen
Problem solving
Project management
Setting objectives
The effective leader
Training for non-trainers
MicroLearn - Personal Development
Dealing with stress
Decision making
Negotiation skills
Planning your own development
Time management
MicroLearn - Health and Safety
Dangerous substances
Display screen equipment
First aid
Health and safety introduction
Manual handling
Slips and trips
MicroLearn - Teamwork
Performance troubleshooting
Working in teams
Dealing with conflict
Effective delegation
Effective meetings
Find your role
MicroLearn - Food and safety hygiene
Food allergy
Food law
Food safety hazards
Food safety introduction
Food safety management
Food-borne illness
Hygienic premises
Personal hygiene
Temperature control
MicroLearn - Literacy Skills
Planning your report
Spelling and punctuation
The English sentence
Writing your report
MicroLearn - Data Protection
Data Protection overview
What to expect from the new GDPR
Video Arts - Communication
Assert yourself
Assertive versus aggressive
Assertiveness tips
Body language
Closing a phone call
Communicating face-to-face
Communicating on the phone
Communicating in writing
Email etiquette
Formatting a report
Going to a meeting part 1: messing up a meeting
Going to a meeting part 2: meeting menaces
Inside information
Meetings, bloody meetings
Meetings, show you understand
Meetings, work to a join solution
Phone greetings
Phone skills
Planning virtual meetings
Preparing to present
Presentation is everything
Presentation tips
Running virtual meetings
Structuring a presentation
Structuring a report
Video Arts - Customer Service
A human touch
Advising the customer
After sales
Agreeing actions
Asking the right questions
Behaviour breeds behaviour
Behaviour can help or hinder
Choosing your behaviour
Communicating effectively
Company and product loyalty
Controlling the call
Customer types
Customers on the phone
Dealing with objections
Demanding customers
Discovering their needs
Dropping your emotional baggage
Email and web chat
Finding out what they want
First impressions
First impressions
Getting into their head
Getting to a solution
How not to approach people
If looks could kill
Knowing your stuff
Listening to the customer
Mr chatty
Mr rude
Mrs Arrogant
Mrs picky
Online customers
Questioning techniques (part 1)
Questioning techniques (part 2)
Service for sales
Showing them the benefits
Social media and the customer
Social media and you
Team and customer loyalty
The power of behaviour
Using your voice effectively
When things go wrong
Video Arts - Diversity
Not my type
Valuing diversity
Video Arts - Leadership
Act swiftly
Avoid the ego barrier
Avoiding conflict
Being loved
Communicate fully
Control freakery
Creativity and innovation
Crisis management
Deal with problems
Emotional intelligence
Everyday learning
Everyone’s a teacher and everyone’s a learner
First among equals
Forming and storming
Fostering innovation
Have a clear vision
How to stop them leaving
How you behave matters
Imagine the best and worst case outcomes
Jamie’s Kitchen: Fifteen lessons on leadership
Jamie’s Kitchen: Fifteen lessons on teamwork
Leadership sins
Learn from every success and difficulty
Make formal learning work
Norming and performing
One question, several possible answers
Pass it on
Practical leadership
Show them how it’s done
Show you believe
Team decision making
Team development
The importance of small talk
The only way is ethics
Unleashing your creativity
Video Arts - Management
A bad news meeting - limit the damage
A bad news meeting, listening
A counselling meeting
Absence minded
Active listening
Behavioural interviewing
Being a leader
Can you spare a moment?
Coaching goals
Coaching tips
Dealing with absenteeism
Developing your team
Difficult conversations
Discipline - check the facts
Learning through practise
Listening to the candidate
Making decisions
Managing problem behaviour
Motivating through feedback
Motivating through information
Motivating through praise
Motivating your team
One-to-one training
Praise and criticism
Preparing to coach
Preparing to give bad news
Probing in interviews
Reasons for absenteeism
Recognising absenteeism
Setting SMART targets
Setting the scene for counselling
Solutions to absenteeism
Solutions to discipline issues
Training bit by bit
Training with context
Valuing the individual
Valuing the team
Valuing the job
Video Arts - Performance Review
Beyond the review meeting
Giving criticism
How am i doing?
Making a performance diagnosis
Managing performance everyday
Performance matters: The importance of praise
Performance matters: The needs to construction criticism
Performance matters: Preparation
Performance matters: Code red
Performance matters: Every appraisee’s dream
Performance matters: Every managers nightmare
Performance reviews
Preparing for a review
Sharing praise
Video Arts - Project and Change
Controlling quality
Defining a project
Implementing a project
Jamie’s School Dinners: Living with change
Jamie’s School Dinners: Managing change
Own the change
Planning a project
Project management
The Apprentice: Case studies on projects
The four stages of change
The ultimate change show
Video Arts - Sales
Negotiating: Tying the knot
Successful selling
The Apprentice: Case studies on sales
The arts of selling
Video Arts - Teamwork, creativity and decision-making
The Apprentice: Case studies on teamwork
The importance of mistakes animation
Video Arts - Wellbeing
Be kind to yourself
Celebrate small accomplishments
Criticism and failure
Don’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides
Don’t confuse effort with results
Don’t spread the anxiety virus
Embrace failure
Emotions versus evidence
Entrust people with big responsibilities
Fire your inner critic
Get everything out of your head
Get physical
Getting stuff done
Happiness habits
Inside your head
Just don’t think about it! - the backfire effect
Keep a sense of perspective
Keep learning
Memento mori
Personal wellbeing for managers
Practical wellbeing
Reward people like grown-ups
Show your vulnerabilities
Targeted acts of kindness
Team wellbeing for managers
The bias towards action
The cheese sandwich solution
The first house of the day
The perils of over-planning
The power of ritual
The worst-case scenario
You are not your emotions
You can’t force fun
You don’t have to ‘feel like it’
Video Arts - Workplace
Finance and budgets
Getting a fair deal
How to be a colleague
How to support your apprentice or intern
Making time
Managing projects and processes
Managing yourself
Pitching high
Prioritising your time
Stress and delegation
Stress and exercise
Stress and prioritisation
The balance sheet barrier animation
The power of behaviour
The ultimate stress show
Time management and interruptions
Time managements tips
Understanding behaviour
Use behaviour to help an interaction
Workplace generations
You can choose how to behave
30 ways to make more time
Body language and assertiveness
Constructing a budget
Controlling a budget
Coordinating a budget
Dealing with stress
Don’t believe the myths
Don’t negotiate separate parts

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