Business Simulations

Over the past 20 years we have built a reputation for developing world class business simulations and serious games that provide vivid learning experiences, bringing to life the challenges of successful business direction in fast changing competitive environments. These highly flexible training tools can be used to provide an effective learning experience on everything from induction programmes through to senior management workshops.

Why simulations?

Simulation learning tailored to suit any business

Simulations can be customised, with features switched on or off depending on the learning objectives, the relative experience of the participants and the available training time. They can also be tailored to be directly relevant to your own business – your products, your KPIs, and your in-house terminology. The competitive environment can be easily tuned to reflect different economic circumstances and the models can also be run on-line for remote teams around the world.


Icarus - Airport Simulation

We have all travelled through airports, but how many of us have had the opportunity to manage one? This simulation lets you do just that. You decide on your airport’s strategy, and then implement it over a series of decision years in a highly competitive commercial environment, setting landing charges, leasing concession space, managing passenger flow, air side engineering services, on-site car parking, the bus terminus, HR and finance.

You also have major investment decisions in new terminal capacity and a rail link. Your KPIs include environmental, airline and passenger satisfaction and employee motivation as well as the usual financial targets.

Icarus is a powerful, effective and challenging learning experience, and great fun too. It can be run in the classroom, or using the web-based tutor controls, remotely for teams across your organisation and around the globe.

Insurance Risk Simulations

Our portfolio contains several outstanding financial sector simulations including Morotania, a General Insurance model, and ReAction, our reinsurance simulation, both developed with our partners, the International Co-operative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF).

The Morotania Simulation is a strategic business simulation involving the management of a general insurance company. It is typically run over one or two days with participants divided into teams, each team representing a newly formed insurance underwriter in a fictional country. Success in establishing and managing the company is judged against both financial and non-financial performance measures, including Profitability, Market Share, Solvency and Customer Satisfaction.

The ReAction Simulation is an action-packed hands-on business simulation that focuses on the reinsurance process, with teams taking the roles of insurers, brokers and reinsurers and creating a market where reinsurance programmes are designed and treaties negotiated and placed.

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