Interactive Training for Regulatory Meetings

This course is an immersive aid to assist with preparation for regulatory meetings. Developed in partnership with industry experts, Metidian, it allows users to participate in a series of virtual interactions with a regulator – simulating both the preparatory, and interview elements of a real visit.

A Unique Learning Tool

This course gives users the skills, techniques and understanding to perform well in a wide range of different regulatory meetings and visits. By the end of this interactive learning, users will be able to:

  • Prepare well for a regulatory meeting or visit
  • Understand the regulators’ perspective
  • Be open, clear and factual
  • Recognise the obvious do’s and don’ts
  • Respond confidently to different types of questioning
  • Use powerful examples to bring key elements to life
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The closest you’ll get to a real regulatory visit

Virtual meetings

Participate in virtual meetings

Accompany three very different interviewees as they prepare for and face regulators in this unique and interactive learning. See examples of good and bad regulatory visits, and take the ‘fear factor’ out of the real thing for your staff.

Make Choices

Make choices and see their consequences

Users face realistic questions and direct virtual participants to answer and act appropriately in tough situations. Identify areas of uncertainty, and understand the interview process through the eyes of the regulator thanks to learning content from regulator experts.

Experience and example

Learn through experience and example

Extensive guidance within this course covers preparation, do’s and don’ts, questioning (and answering) technique – allowing you to apply this to practical, realistic situations without the consequences.

Clear Learning Benefits

Why risk your people getting it wrong when it really counts? This unique tool allows you to equip your staff with skills and competencies to avoid unnecessary regulatory issues, as well as identify and constructively deal with any existing problems. Get started today, and start building better regulatory relationships – at all levels of your organisation.

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