Major update: Introducing Unicorn LMS 8, the latest version of our LMS platform.

Introducing Unicorn LMS 8, the latest major update of our LMS platform.

Thank you to our user base for all the excellent feedback and suggestions that have contributed to our latest major release of Unicorn LMS – version 8.
We are excited to announce a number of significant enhancements to key components of our award-winning learning management system.

Key highlights (click for more detail)

Forms and Workflows
Editable workflows & fields
Team Activity Dashboard
New user interface design
Super Administrators
Even more control and self-service single-sign on
Enhanced usability
Learning Path and minds-i apps Significant update & integration of minds-i with LMS

Forms and Workflows

We have made a number of enhancements to our Forms and Workflows functionality providing further support for Certification Regime and further flexibility when managing workflows. We have also added enhanced support for T&C and performance management.

Configurable form workflows

We have introduced an exciting development to Form Templates which now allows for editable workflows. This means you can have more flexibility over who can contribute to and who can sign off different stages within the form's journey and it is no longer restricted to just a User and Manager workflow.

You can create additional stages within the form workflow and define the fields and actors for each stage.

How does it work?

When creating a new Form Template you will be asked to select between a Fixed Workflow or an Editable Workflow. Fixed Workflow follows our existing predefined workflows. Editable Workflows allows you to specify who has sign-of responsibility (the Owner) for each a stage within the form workflow. You can also specify one or more Contributors for each stage. Navigate to the Workflow tab within the Form Template Editor to manage the workflow and specify the Owners and Contributors for each of the stages.

How do I get it?

This functionality will be available to Super Administrators when creating Form Templates. Released in 8.0.31.

Pulling custom profile fields into Forms

We have now introduced the ability to automatically pull data from a User's profile in to a Form.

Create your form templates with custom profile fields

How does it work?

It is already possible for Super Administrators to create Personal Custom Data fields within Site Settings. This guide will show you how.

While viewing the Layout tab in the Form Template Editor, click on the new User Data field from the tools palette. You can then select the corresponding field which exists within the Additional Information tab of a User's profile.

When a Form activity using this Form Template is initiated, it will automatically populate the User Data field with the data from the User's profile, if present. It will not be possible to edit the User Data field within the form. However, while the form is still live and transitioning through the workflow, the User, Manager or Administrator can update the data held in the User's profile and it will automatically be updated within the Form next time it is launched. The field will update in real time until the final sign-off of the Form when it will save a snapshot of the data, at which point the data value will be fixed.

How do I get it?

The ability to create Personal Custom Data fields is already available to Super Administrators. The additional User Data field will be available to all Super Administrators when designing a Form Template. Released in 8.0.19.

User Administration & Management

We've improved the look of our new Team Activity Dashboard and made creating new user accounts even easier for both User and Administrator.

New Team Activity Dashboard

The My Team Activity dashboard has been significantly improved with a new user interface design. The new interface matches the improvements made to the Form Template Editor in release 7.10 and includes more intuitive search and filter options making it easier to monitor your staff progress. You can now see User profile images and organisation units for each member of staff. Activity icons have also been updated.

How does it work?

The My Team Activity dashboard is accessed in the same way either through the portlet on the homepage or link from the menu. Use the horizontal search and filter options available at the top of the dashboard to view specific Users and/or activities. Select the checkbox next to each User to reveal the Actions drop down menu. From this you can manage due dates and registrations in the normal way. A full overview of how the Team Activity dashboard works is available in the My Team Activity Dashboard guide.

How do I get it?

This functionality will be available to Administrators and Line Managers. Released in 8.0.19.

New profile icon

It is existing functionality that a User can upload their own photo to represent them within the LMS. This photo is then shown next to a User's name across the Unicorn LMS. We have now replaced the default icon of a silhouette with the User's initials against a coloured background. In conjunction with the new My Team Activity dashboard, this update will make it easier for Line Managers to identify a particular User at a glance.

Profile icons now display first and last initials with colourful back drop colours

How does it work?

If a User has not uploaded a photo to their profile, their profile icon will automatically display as their initials. The background colour is random depending on the User's first initial. If a User wishes to upload a personal photo instead of the initials,they can do so by clicking on their name or the profile link in the top right of the screen and then upload a photo to the About tab.

How do I get it?

This will be standard functionality to all Users. Released in 8.0.19.

Ability to choose User role when creating a new User

You are now able to allocate a system role for a new User at the point of creating their account on the LMS.

You can now configure LMS user roles when creating new user accounts

How does it work?

Add a new User in the normal way. Complete the Details form in Step 1 of the wizard. Under the role section, tick whether they are to be an Administrator, Content Creator or Reporting Administrator. Leave all boxes unticked if the new User is to be a standard User without any additional system permissions.

Should you need to change their role after the point of creation, you can click on the System Roles tab in the User's profile.

How do I get it?

This is standard functionality already available to Administrators when creating new User accounts. Further guidance when creating new Users can be found in the Create a new User guide on Unicorn Help. Released in 8.0.0.

New user self-registration options

If you have self-registration enabled on your Unicorn LMS, new users can now select whether they are registering as an individual or organisation.

Display additional options for registration with the new self-registration options

How does it work?

Registering as an organisation will automatically create an organisation unit within the LMS. The User who created the account will be registered as an Administrator, who will then be able to register further Users to the LMS. Additionally, we have introduced the ability to add custom fields to the registration screen, which will automatically pull through to the User's profile on the LMS.

How do I get it?

If you already have self-registration enabled this is standard functionality. Otherwise speak to your Customer Success Manager to enable self-registration. Released in 8.0.0.

Super Administrator Functionality

We have added to the self-service features within Site Settings for Super Administrators.

Self-Service Single Sign-On Set Up

You can now manage your own Single Sign-On set up between platforms using SAML Configuration. Single Sign-On allows a User to navigate to the Unicorn LMS from another location, for example your intranet, without having to enter additional login credentials.

Configure and manage your own Single Sign-On set up for your LMS with the new SAML configuration tool

How does it work?

Super Administrators can access SAML Configuration in Site Settings. There are two steps involved in the configuration: exchanging metadata and exchanging certificates.

During your project implementation you will receive guidance on Configuring ADFS for Unicorn LMS SAML Single Sign-On. First we need to exchange metadata between the Unicorn LMS and your chosen location. The metadata contains information about the SAML configuration. Then we exchange certificates to ensure the data is secure. The SAML configuration option in Site Settings makes this process easy by simply uploading and downloading the relevant information.

How do I get it?

This functionality is already available to Super Administrators in Site Settings. Released in 8.0.0.

SVG support for theme graphics

We have introduced Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support for site themes, pathway themes and eCreator themes. SVG file types give greater flexibility and precision when resizing images to specified dimensions.

Display vector graphics for high resolution devices with the new SVG image file type support

How does it work?

When creating or editing themes, you will be able to upload images which use the .svg format. The dimensions of the .svg file must be specified in pixels rather than centimetres. Internet Explorer 8 and older does not support .svg file formats.

How do I get it?

This will be standard functionality available to Super Administrators when editing themes. Released in 8.0.19.

Content Creation

We are continuing to develop our eCreator tool making it even easier to design your own engaging eLearning. Here's the latest enhancement.

eCreator Enhancement

In our latest improvement to the eCreator tool, we have introduced the ability to duplicate panels, images and media when building a page. This will make designing pages quicker if you are using similar items within the page.

Duplicate assets within your canvas when creating eCreator templates

How does it work?

Click on the item you wish to duplicate and open the menu by clicking the pencil icon. Click the new duplicate icon which is the fourth icon down. A copy of that item will appear on the page, which you can move around and edit as normal. You can duplicate an item as many times as you need.

How do I get it?

This functionality is already available to Administrators and Content Creators when creating eCreator activities. Released in 8.0.0.

Unicorn Apps

Whats new with our Learning Path and minds-i apps?

Learning Path update

The latest version of our Learning Path app includes a number of enhancements to the online content User experience. This includes the ability to view eCreator courses online as well as offline; content opening within the app itself; additional language support (German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian); and improvements to the overall performance.

Learning Path app now includes offline support

How does it work?

Download the app, login using your credentials and launch your activities.

How do I get it?

The Learning Path app is available to download for free from the app store. It's available for Apple and Android devices. To view the latest features for the Learning Path app, please ensure that you update the app to the latest version (8.6) from the App Store.

minds-i Integration

The minds-i app is now fully integrated with the Unicorn LMS. minds-i is a learning reinforcement mobile app which provides Users with an on-demand learning experience.

How does it work?

Using the Unicorn LMS, Administrators are able to upload PDFs, MP4s and video content hosted on Wistia to the app. Users can then view the content within the app whenever they need it using a personalised dashboard. Additionally, content can be purchased from our partners, including MicroLearn and Video Arts. The app also features an intelligent tool which curates filtered content from around the web. The minds-i app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

How do I get it?

minds-i is a separate product that now works with the Unicorn LMS. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in purchasing minds-i.

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