SkillsServe 4.24 Release Notes

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We’re pleased to announce SkillsServe 4.24 launched in July 2014.

What’s new in this version?

Enable CPD Activities

Is it a new feature or an upgrade?This is an upgrade to an existing feature.
How it works…We’ve made it easier for you to view and edit CPD activities completed online from within your CPD log. All online activities can now be edited by clicking the name of the activity. Clicking the status also opens up the full edit window instead of just the reflective statement, making it easier to reflect on what you’ve learnt.

We’ve made the online CPD editor just like you’re used to seeing for your own CPD records. Fields automatically set by the online activity will be read-only.

The CII CPD scheme now asks you to complete your own development need and learning outcomes for online activities. The learning outcomes will default to the learning outcomes or activity description provided by the system. These required fields are configurable for other CPD schemes if required, but changes won’t affect non-CII schemes by default.

Why is this beneficial?This is beneficial for users and professional bodies who require the ability to edit their own Development Needs and Learning Outcomes on all types of CPD activities.
Default or configurable?This is a configurable part of SkillsServe. For more information please contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@unicorntraining.com or on 0844 800 3316.

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