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Our Unicorn LMS 6.8 includes further enhancements to Reporting and Find Learning.

Reporting on Activity Details

We’ve added a new Data Source type, called Activity Details, for reporting on activity details such as activity names, descriptions, pass mark, activity rating, activity status and category tagging.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Data Source: In the first step of creating a new report you will be asked to select the Data Source. To report on the activity details select 'Activity Summary'.

Step 2 – Select Parameters: This step allows you to select which types of activity or specific activities you would like to report on.

Note: If you do not set a parameter (define/filter by activity) within this step, the report will then be based on all activities.

Step 3 – Field Selection: Select the fields you would like to include for the report by adding them from the list of 'Available fields' on the left to the 'Report' fields box on the right.

Continue through the next two steps then once you've saved it you can run the report.

How do I get it?
This reporting feature is available to all Super Administrators as standard.

Find Learning Enhancements

Searching for events within the Find Learning area is made simpler with Country and City filters. The ‘Dates’ filter will now only be displayed in the filters sidebar for activities where there is a ‘Start’ and ‘End’ date (e.g Events).

How does it work?
Go to 'Find Learning' via the portlet on your home screen or through the main menu. When in Find learning, you will find the filters sidebar on the left-hand side. The options to filter by 'Country' and 'City' will be available under the section 'Events'. Select the drop-down option on either ‘Country’ or 'City' to reveal the available Events (by location). If there are no events available within the catalogue the ‘Country’ and 'City' filters will be disabled.

How do I get it?
This is a standard functionality and is available to all users who have access to the Find Learning area.

Add Charts to Custom Reports

You can now transform your Custom Reports into colourful graphical reports with the Chart reports feature. Change your tabular custom reports data to display your data by Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Donut Charts and more.

How does it work?
To add 'Charts' to an existing custom report, save a copy of the original report by running it and selecting Save As and give it a new name.

Once saved you will now see an additional tab ‘Charts’ has been added to the side menu. Click on the ‘Charts’ tab and enable the feature through the toggle switch button and then proceed to configure the Charts for the report.

How do I get it?
This is a standard functionality and is available to all Administrators and Report Administrators who can create and publish Reports. For further information about Charts and Reports, please refer to our reporting guides on the Help and Discussion Forum.

When will I get 6.8?
All customers are being upgraded to 6.8 automatically over the next 4 weeks


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