Unicorn LMS 7.1 Release Notes

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Unicorn LMS 7.1 includes improvements to the eCreator

We have added new features to the eCreator which enable content creators to have more control with the design and editing of their eCreator courses.

New Menu Page Template

The new 'Menu' page template design allows up to six menu items which can link to other eCreator pages within a course or to external web pages.

How does it work?
Select the 'Menu' page template from the template selector when creating an eCreator course then click on Add Page. Within the preview editor you can configure the ‘Title’, the ‘Subtitle’ and six menu content slots. Each content slot provides options to link the menu item to an existing eCreator page within the course or to an external web page.

New Question and Answer Template

There is now a combined page template for your 'Question and Answer' pages in eCreator. You can choose whether you would like the answers to be multiple choice or single choice when editing your page. In addition to this you can add a side panel to your question, which allows you to display additional information to support the Question and Answer topic, such as a case study. The new Question and Answer template can be used instead of the Multi Response Question and the Single Choice Question templates.

How does it work?
Select the ‘Question and Answer’ page template from template selector when creating an eCreator course then click Add Page. Within the page settings you can select whether the answers are multiple choice or single choice within the ‘Options’ tab displayed under the preview editor.

Other eCreator Improvements

Further improvements to the usability and functionality of the eCreator page templates include the following:

  • Dragging and dropping, resizing and positioning objects within a page
  • In-line editing for text areas
  • Opacity configuration option for text panel backgrounds
  • Background Image Editor – options to choose between using an image or use a set theme colour for the background of the page
  • New default eCreator themes enabling the new functionality
  • eCreator pages incorporate more colours from the selected theme
  • Improved animations for animated objects i.e. Pop Ups
  • Background Images automatically scale to the correct size when being placed within page templates
  • General improvements for user experience and stability across all templates

How do I get it?
All features for eCreator are standard functionality and will be available for all content creators and administrators when creating courses based on the eCreator 'Theme Builder' themes. Upgrade existing courses by selecting one of the new default themes or one you have created using the Theme Builder.

When will I get 7.1?
All customers are being upgraded to 7.1 automatically over the next 4 weeks

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