Unicorn LMS 7.2 Release Notes

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Unicorn LMS 7.2 includes a new Staff Dashboard and updates to the eCreator, CPD, Registration Rules and ContentServe

New Staff Dashboard

We have greatly enhanced the My Staff page to include a number of additional features. You can now see the progress of your team towards their CPD target and their overall completion progress of assigned activities. The new My Staff page also highlights if staff have overdue activities and provides a number of ways to filter the list.

How does it work?

My Staff is available from the main menu for all managers who have direct reports. You are presented with a card for each member of your team that reports directly to you. You can also switch the view to include all the people that report to your staff too.

Each card displays your staff name, their photo or avatar and a visual indicator displaying the total amount of completed CPD towards their target in their current CPD year. Another visual indicator displays the percentage complete of all currently assigned activities. Finally, the card has an indicator for the number of activities which are overdue. Clicking on a card takes you into the user's profile.

There are a number of filters on the left-hand side of the page. These enable you to filter the staff cards to see people in specific organisation units, those who have overdue activities and for people with CPD years coming to an end.

There is also an area which lists all activities assigned to your staff. Clicking on one of these activities enables you to see your staff progress in a new card view. These cards show the completion status for each person, if the activity is a pathway it displays the progress through the activities as a percentage and it shows any current objectives in forms and any pending actions the manager may have within the form workflows.

How do I get it?

The new My Staff page replaces the existing My Staff page and is available to all managers with direct reports.

CPD Settings

Super Administrators can now add new CPD schemes. The options include setting different targets and specifying different rules such as minimum requirements or mandatory fields. You can also enable CPD adjustments for managing extended absence or individual CPD target chances.

How does it work?

CPD Settings can be accessed via Site Settings from the main menu. Navigate to Site Settings and go the CPD tab displayed within the side bar menu. From within the tab you can choose global settings such as the default CPD scheme for your LMS, edit manage existing CPD schemes and create new CPD schemes.

How do I get it?

CPD Settings is available now to all Super Administrators.

Exclude Organisation Units from Registration Rules

You are now able to exclude individual organisation units from your selected registration rule criteria. This enables you to apply exceptions for users in specific Organisation Units in your hierarchy to avoid them being assigned activities even if they match the other selection criteria.

How does it work?

You can exclude specific Organisation Units via the Registration Rule section within the user activity registration process.

Go to Find Learning or Content Manager and select an activity.

Open the activity, open the ‘Users’ tab and proceed to ‘Register’ users onto the activity. Alternatively ‘Add Users’ from the ‘Common Tasks’ tab. On the first step of the wizard, select the ‘Registration Rule’ option and on the next step select ‘Filter by units’. This will display the organisation hierarchy for you to select organisations and organisation units. You can include child organisation units in the hierarchy and now you can also exclude specified organisation units by checking the exclude check boxes.

We have also made a number of user experience improvements such as improving the search and filtering for selected organisation units.

How do I get it?

The feature is available to all content creators, administrators and managers who can assign activities to users.

eCreator enhancements

You can now change the text colour when writing courses to emphasise wording and match it with branding colours.

How does it work?

A new side menu appears when editing text in eCreator courses. This offers a palette of four predefined colours taken from the eCreator theme - the primary and secondary colour, a light colour and dark colour.

eCreator themes can be created or modified by Super Administrators using the Theme Builder in Site Settings, accessed from the main menu. The theme builder enables you to modify the primary, secondary, light and dark colours.

These preset colours can also be set for background colours in templates. By choosing light or dark text on the contrasting background, e.g. light text on dark background, you can be confident that any later changes in theme will not compromise the look of your course - the new design will be applied without the need to make additional modifications. This makes it easy to keep up with changes to the branding or simply to keep your content looking fresh.

How do I get it?

The functionality to change text colour in eCreator is available to all content creators and administrators when editing any eCreator course built with a Theme Builder theme. Themes can be created and modified by Super Administrators.

ContentServe Upgrade

Customers accessing Unicorn and partner content via their third party LMS and ContentServe can now choose to download the course packages as AICC, SCORM 2004 as well as SCORM 1.2. This upgrade includes a number of improvements to integration with other learning management systems including cross-browser Totara support.

How does it work?

When downloading a course package on ContentServe you now have additional buttons to download in the package format of your choice. You access these download buttons from the usual ContentServe tab within the content, accessed from either Find Learning and Content Manager. Ensure you select the correct format for uploading to your 3rd party LMS, however, many LMSs will auto-detect the format. If unsure, we still recommend using SCORM 1.2.

How do I get it?

ContentServe Administrators automatically have access to the additional download package buttons.

When will I get 7.2?
All customers are being upgraded to 7.2 automatically with the next 3 weeks.

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