Unicorn LMS Release Notes 8.9

Release Note 8.9

Unicorn LMS 8.9 brings the ability to download a survey template and adding activities directly to a users profile.

Corresponding videos will be added to Unicorn Help over the coming weeks.

We have indicated which version number each feature will be released in. To check which version your LMS is currently operating on, please refer to this Help Guide.

Adding activities to a User's profile

We have improved the way you can register a User onto an activity from both their profile and from the My Team Activity dashboard. The Add button in the My Activities area of a User's profile allows Line Managers and Administrators to add activities and this is now available as a separate button next to the Create option. You can add one activity to a User's profile at a time, ensuring users purchasing content can only access the relevant activities.

We have improved the way you can register a User to an activity from both their profile and from the My Team Activity dashboard

How does it work?

Administrators can add activities for a User when viewing the User's profile via Organisation and Users. Line Managers and Administrators can also add activities for a User in My Team Activity.

Navigate to the My Activities tab within a User's profile. Use the Add button to search for an activity in Find Learning and register the User to it. Use the Create button to create CPD or Form Activities for the User.

In the My Team Activity dashboard, search for the User you wish to register to an activity. If the User doesn't have any outstanding activities, you can change the Completion Status filter to All or Completed. Tick the box to the left of the User's name to select them. From the Actions dropdown, click Add Activity. Search for the activity and click Add.

Who can use it?

This feature is available for Line Managers and Administrators. Released in 8.8.4.

Survey Template available for download

In order for you to build surveys more easily we've added the ability to download a survey question bank template. In the Question Bank Manager, we've indicated whether the template is for surveys or assessments, enabling you to distinguish between them more easily.

You can now download a Survey question bank template from within the Question Bank Manager

How does it work?

Question Bank Administrators can go to the Question Bank Manager option in the Menu and select 'New Question Bank'. Click on the Download Template as drop down and select one of the Survey files to download (Either .CSV or Excel). You can then use this template to enter your survey questions and import it into the LMS.

Who can use it?

Super Administrators, Administrators and Content Creators can use this feature. Released in 8.8.8.

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